Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Practical Advices on Good Customer Service in Customer Service Call Centers

With the growing number of business process outsourcing or BPO companies around the globe, it is not an issue that a customer service call center will dramatically grow as well. Indeed, several of these companies offer services that benefit a small to medium or large business entrepreneur. Such entrepreneurs make use of this service because they have benefited a lot from it. One of the benefits that they can get is the promotion and marketing of their products or services. Other than this a customer service call center can also provide them with IT or other technical support and customer service.

Customer Service PictureHowever, a customer service call center would likely use good customer service to assist the customers. One of the very popular services in a customer service call center is telemarketing services. This kind of service entails a good deal of effective customer service that an agent utilizes to promote and market a certain product, good or service.

To be good call center agent, especially in telemarketing, a call center agent must read the opening spiel with feelings to the customer whom you are calling. He or she should sound natural. In this way, the customer would want to listen to the further spiels or information about the product or service being presented. After this, listen intently to the person in the other line. A good agent must be a listener not just a talker to avoid misunderstandings. If the customer answers “no” to what an agent is giving, do not proceed directly to the closing spiel, instead do necessary counteractions or convincing scripts that will somehow make the customer change his or her mind. If the customer answers no for the second time around, give him or her another option that will make him or her interested in the product or service the agent is promoting.

Some customers tend to be irritated with telemarketers and there is a possibility that they will answer the phone rudely. In this scenario, just be polite all the time and deal with it with professionalism. A call center agent or a telemarketer should practice that kind of value.

In addition, a call center agent or a telemarketer in a customer service call center must be well- versed with the product or service he or she is promoting or telling to the customer. If he or she is not, then he or she is not an effective agent and he or she cannot get customers to support the product or service.




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  2. I agree with the advises said above. In addition in the practical advices, the call center agent or telemarketing must be spontaneous and have a patience interacting with the client. If I'm not mistaken Tesda offered a free training of Call Center course.

  3. right i agree all the call center agent need more patient to our costumer...

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