Thursday, November 12, 2009

Keeping Yourself Awake At Work

Philippine call center agents usually work on graveyard shifts. And sometimes, call center agents get these 'NO SLEEP' days when there's too much activity done within the day leaving not much time (or no time at all) for sleep before heading to the contact center.

Perhaps, after work you immediately went out shopping with a friend. Or you had a movie marathon with someone at home. You enjoyed your day too much and you forgot about sleeping. And you still have work later at night. Now, your problem would most likely be how to keep yourself awake at work even if you lack sleep.

1) If you still have little time before heading to the call center to work, try to put yourself to sleep.

2) Grab a cup of coffee before heading to the office.

3) Take a power nap during your break. Just don't over sleep.

4) If you feel sleepy, stand up. Or if it's possible, walk around for awhile. Do something to keep yourself moving.

5) Don't allow yourself to get too comfortable. If you get too comfortable on your chair, you'll fall asleep.

When I really get sleepy, I wash my face with cold water and listen to fast songs. Listening to soft music makes me really drowsy. Some of these tips might or might not work for you. But you have to identify which activity keeps you awake. Be careful of taking too much sugar. Although sweets can help perk you up, but the effect is not lasting. Too much sugar can make you feel more tired. Be mindful of your sugar intake.


  1. i work as a call center agent in the philippines and it really is hard to get enough sleep during the day with all the noise.

  2. I agreed! Cause I'm a Call Center Agent too.. it's really hard for us to sleep in the morning. :(

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  4. As for me when I'm super sleepy during my graveyard shift I used your number 4, I stand up walk around it really works for me.

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